new generation battery components designed in Toulouse

Solvionic, based in Toulouse and specializing in new generations of more economical and ecological batteries, is targeting the strategic electric car market to develop its new technology.

Solvionic, the startup specialized in ionic liquids, which are used in the composition of batteries, is at the cutting edge of technology. Since 2003, the company has been a leader in the manufacture of high-performance liquid electrolytes. These components are non-volatile and non-flammable unlike conventional solvents which can cause fire hazards.

And now, Solvionic is positioning itself on the still little known technology of solid electrolytes.

Energy storage has become a key issue at a time when batteries are present in the majority of our daily objects and when batteries will become common, especially with connected objects. It is necessary to find and develop new energy storage solutions that are stable and consistent because the current electrolytes are of previous generation and have limits.

François Malbosc, founder and president of Solvionic

The Tribune November 2019

The challenge is to design chemical processes that consume less energy, fewer raw materials and less waste. A “greener” chemistry that has less impact on themanufacturing and use environment.

The solid electrolytes designed by Solvionic consist of a polymer membrane which makes the battery more efficient and safer.

These solid electrolytes make it possible to store more energy, to gain weight and autonomy and therefore to offer more performance. This technology can quickly be applied to electric vehicles.

Pauline Rullière, Team Leader Research and Innovation Department at Solvionic

Applications in electric vehicles

Already present in the field of aeronautics and drones, Solvionic is now targeting the very strategic sector of electric vehicles. Its technology has received very favorable feedback from automotive experts and manufacturers. For now, the solid electrolyte process is in the test phase. It now remains to industrialize it on a large scale.

In September 2022, Solvionic obtained financing of 1.4M euros from the Banque Publique d’Investissement. A good boost that will enable him to realize his project: to build his first industrial production line in Toulouse and thus become one of the leading European manufacturers of electrolytes.

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