new revelations in the Onana case!

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What happened to André Onana? The last violence for the indomitable lions, the goalkeeper from Inter Milan could not prevent the elimination of his family, despite a last convincing success against Brazil (1-0). And with good reason. The 26-year-old goalkeeper Rigobert Song, who was rejected from the Cameroon squad due to a dispute with his coach, has not played a single minute after a first period against Switzerland. Replaced at short notice by Devi’s Epassy, ​​Onana had also not failed to respond to the controversy.

“I want to express my devotion to my country and the Indomitable Lions. Yesterday I was not allowed to be on the pitch to help Cameroon, as I always do, to achieve the team’s goals. I have always behaved properly and for to lead the team to success I used all my strength and energy to loosen the ties in an ambiguous situation, but I did not meet the expected receptivity.indicated the former Ajax before supporting the Cameroonians: “I always consider and respect the decisions of the people responsible for leading and supervising our team. All my encouragement goes to my teammates because we have shown that we are capable of going very far in this competition. The nation first and forever”.

Rigobert Song and Samuel Eto’o hand in hand!

Yes, but here it is, while this hasty departure was quick to set the streets of Yaoundé or Douala on fire, The team provides new details in this difficult edition. With this in mind, the daily specifies first of all that there was strictly speaking no clash between Onana and Song. If, of course, the second city has taken over the first during training two days before the match against Serbia, Onana ‘simply’ left the session by showing his displeasure with a wave of his hand. If this behavior could already be sanctioned, the result turned out to be prohibitive.

Absent from training the next day and claiming pain in the adductors, Onana simply made the coach of the Indomitable Lions lose his patience. Determined to gain respect and maintain a united group, Song eventually decided to fire the player despite his closeness to his men. A decision supported and validated by Samuel Eto’o, president of the Federation and very close to Onana. If everything could finally be back to normal in the coming weeks, this episode will still have allowed us to see the existing complicity between Rigobert Song and Samuel Eto’o. It now remains to be seen whether this strengthened professional relationship and this heralded unity will be the start of a new, happier side.

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