new technology can help with cancer treatment

Technological advances continue, and this time a new virtual reality technology may help against cancer.

If virtual reality technology is quite well known in the world of video games, its applications do not stop there. In fact, many fields are now using VR, including medicine, where new VR technology could help change the future of cancer treatment.

VR for health

It’s no secret that VR has been helping research and healthcare for years. And today she could help change cancer treatment. That’s really what the researchers want to do. Thus, several non-profit organizations are working in collaboration with video game designers as well as the University of Cambridge on new VR technology.

Virtual reality makes it possible to create 3D representations of real objects in a completely virtual world. Thus, the laws of physics do not apply in this type of environment, and even better, it is possible to create your own rules. Thus, VR allows doctors to analyze tumors and make an action plan for surgical operations to remove the tumor, for a better patient prognosis.

As for this new technology, it allows tumors to appear as colored matrices of dots in the VR program. This allows doctors to distinguish between different types of cancer cells from healthy tissue. But most important is the ability to interact with the model to make an accurate diagnosis and recommend effective treatments, depending on the type of tumor.

Funding for this program is provided by two major organizations in the fight against cancer, namely the National Cancer Institute in the USA, as well as Cancer Research UK

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