Neymar filmed at a party in Paris, anger in Brazil!

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Yesterday and after several days of mourning, the Brazilian people said their final goodbyes to Pelé, the Brazilian soccer legend who died at the age of 82 on Friday. After 24 hours of tributes to his coffin on the lawn of the Santos stadium, Brazilians followed Pelé in a large crowd in a procession towards his funeral, which took place in the privacy of his loved ones.

These celebrations, necessarily touching, are nevertheless accompanied by a controversy. The personalities in Brazilian football to make the trip were quite few and that did not please Brazil. Neymar in particular has been represented by his father and the absence of Santos’ second child has drawn particularly sour comments.


Neymar partied during the vigil for Pelé

And the anger has not finished falling, as the dispute has swelled in recent hours in Brazil. In fact, Neymar was filmed during a party in Paris on Monday night, in the heart of the vigil for Pelé, for which the Brazilian therefore did not move. Neymar notably shared the stage with Brazilian singer Ana Aoas during this evening. Images are being broadcast on the other side of the Atlantic, where it is estimated that, in addition to his noticeable absence, Neymar could avoid appearing at a party in the middle of the tribute to King Pelé. .

To summarize

While Neymar’s absence for the tribute to King Pelé is causing a lot of talk in Brazil, the PSG star was spotted at a party in Paris. Inevitably, therefore, anger rose on the other side of the Atlantic.

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