Neymar’s big rant against the referee

During the victory acquired on the ground of Maccabi Haifa (3-1) for the second day of the Champions League, the striker of Paris Saint-Germain Neymar offered himself a goal at the end of the match on a wonder pass by Marco Verratti (88th). A goal celebrated in front of the Israeli supporters with a tongue draw accompanied by a childish grimace, which he is used to doing after his achievements for several months. Nevertheless, the celebration was not really to the liking of the referee, Mr. Daniel Siebert, who showed him a yellow card for the gesture.

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This warning did not go over to the Brazilian, who decided to react on his Instagram story: “Football is getting more and more boring. I am warned of a yellow card for my celebration. These things only happen to me… I will warn the referees next time.” before adding a layer on Twitter: “total lack of respect for the athlete. This kind of thing cannot happen. (…) And the referee? I’m not even saying he made a mistake, he will make one! The message got through.

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