Nice: recruitment, the identity of the team, the management of Ramadan … Behind the scenes of the Galtier-Fournier clash

Since Wednesday, Parma sports director Julien Fournier and Paris Saint-Germain coach Christophe Galtier have been exchanging courtesies through the media. The consequences of a total break between the two men after a stormy collaboration in Nice last year.

Christophe Galtier and Julien Fournier, it was tense Nice…

Initially, Christophe Galtier and Julien Fournier were private friends. Their collaboration with OGC Nice should therefore have been facilitated by this good relationship. And yet, in the work, the two men tore each other apart!

On Wednesday, the sports director of Parma swung on the French technician reproaching him serious things. In the crowd, the Paris Saint-Germain coach responded to a pretentious without saying more about the clash between them.

The management of Ramadan at the heart of the problem

This Friday, the daily L’Equipe looks back on the known problems between Galtier and Fournier at the Gym during the 2021-2022 financial year. Unsurprisingly, the distensions began from the summer transfer window with the dissatisfaction of the former Lille manager with the recruitment made. Behind the scenes, he would have notably regretted the sociology of his dressing room, too young and which did not match the identity of the city. He trained players from all cultures, all religions, without any distinction. This type of reproach is completely false, lunar and extremely serious.replied his clan.

Despite Fournier’s anger at the time, the conflict with Galtier especially took a new turn during Ramadan! Indeed, the coach believes that a player cannot fully express his potential as he is weakened by imperfect nutrition and hydration. Despite arranged meetings, Galtier therefore tried to convince the elements concerned not to fast and even imposed on Muslims to attend meals in the refectory. If this decision was accepted, in the name of the cohesion of the group, by the players, Fournier deplored such steps by being furious with the management of Ramadan by his coach, who notably asked Hicham Boudaoui to eat in order to play a match. .

A stormy ending…

At the end of the season, the two men had a tense relationship with mainly reproaches made by interposed emails… Made aware of the deep disagreements between Galtier and Fournier, INEOS leaders immediately anticipated a new cycle with the search for another coach. A decidedly complicated year at the Gym which has left its mark.

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