Nike has just created a clothing brand… virtual

Nike has just launched its first NFT sales platform. The comma brand should offer virtual clothing collections there.

Nike is increasingly interested in the metaverse market and in particular in the manufacture of virtual clothing to dress avatars in these large computer universes. During a press conference, the comma brand has just presented “Swoosh”, a new entity which should offer entirely virtual collections from the start of 2023.

This new sales platform should allow users to collect clothes directly in virtual universes. If the NFT market is no longer as buoyant as last year, Nike continues to believe in this authentication technology. The site is presented as the place to find all the brand’s virtual collections.

“These objects can then be worn in video games or other immersive experiences”, explains the brand in a press release. Using the “Polygon” blockchain, this new platform is presented as “inclusive”. Currently available in beta, it should be open to the general public in January 2023.

Nike and Blockchain: A Burgeoning Interest

Nike is more and more interested in web 3.0 and the comma brand has already been talked about in 2021 when it acquired the specialized studio RTKFT. Following this acquisition, the comma brand launched a first collection of virtual products. According to the latest estimates made on this subject (by VogueBusiness), these digital sales would have allowed Nike to garner more than 180 million dollars in turnover.

Adidas and Puma, two real-world rivals to Nike, have also dabbled in the virtual clothing market, but with less success. Adidas announced a turnover of 11 million dollars while Puma would not be profitable with a turnover barely exceeding one million euros over the last year.

Swoosh: Nike passes the second

With the creation of its own platform, Nike is positioning itself as the brand that offers virtual clothing. A technological and philosophical advance that could weigh heavily. The market for virtual “wearables” is very large. If we still have a little trouble imagining the craze for buying virtual clothes, just see how the skins Fortnite sell themselves to understand that this market makes economic sense.

Nike is positioned as the very first company to offer a solution in this direction and it now has a virtual monopoly. By its aura it should succeed in signing partnerships with big names in video games and the clothes available on the “Swoosh” platform should therefore be found in AAA within a few years.

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