Nintendo Switch’s new rival has Android and access to Google Play

Logitech has announced all the details of the G Cloud, its new Android-based handheld console.

Logitech has just pulled out of its sleeve what could be the definitive handheld console. It’s called Logitech G Cloud, and it aims to rival consoles like the Nintendo Switch or the Steam Deck. To do this, Logitech has decided to use the open philosophy of Android, which will give players the possibility to enjoy their favorite titles on different platforms.

And it is that cloud gaming is, mainly, the main attraction of this console, that although it does not have the most advanced specifications, its ability to run the main Cloud Gaming services makes it an option more versatile than the other consoles of the competition.

Logitech G Cloud console in white on a table.

The Logitech G Cloud console, with access to Xbox Cloud Gaming, Google Play and Nvidia GeForce Experience

Logitech G Cloud, all the info

Logitech’s new console is aimed at users who prefer streaming game services and aren’t looking to run their titles locally. For this reason, it introduces support for Xblox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce Now, and since it is an Android device, it is also possible to download applications from services such as Google Stadia or Amazon Luna .

However, the Xbox app and Steam Link are also included, allowing you to stream directly from a console or PC to the G Cloud.

On the technical side, the console is equipped with a 7-inch diagonal IPS LCD screen with Full HD+ resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio, in addition to a refresh rate of 60 hertz and a maximum brightness of 450nits. It has a full button panel, including triggers, D-Pad, analog sticks, linear haptic vibration motor and audio system consisting of stereo speakers, 3.5mm headphone port , audio support via USB-C, Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity and aptX. Adaptive codec. All this, in a body of 463 grams of weight.

Logitech handheld console

The Logitech G Cloud lets you both run Android games locally and use leading cloud gaming services.

The processor that brings the console to life is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G, a chip focused on energy efficiency, but which can allow you to run some Android games locally without too many problems. Plus, it includes support for WiFi 5.

Logitech GCloud

Its price is $329.99 in the United States, where it will go on sale from mid-October. During the pre-order period, it will be available at a discounted price of $299.99. For the moment, no data has been given on its possible release on the market in Europe.

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