Notes: Atletico-Real Madrid

Real Madrid faced Atletico today in La Liga Matchday 6. Here are the notes attributed by our editorial staff to the people of Madrid.

Courteous: 5.5 – A slightly more mixed performance than usual. He made two good interventions but also two aerial outings on a somewhat hazardous corner. The second unfortunately leads to a goal from Atletico.

Carvajal: 7.5 – A full game from the Madrid defender, he was extremely solid and rigorous defensively.

Military: 7 – Very good return from the Brazilian who quickly swept away any doubts about his physical condition. He was flawless from start to finish tonight.

Alaba: 7 – Like his team-mate, he was impeccable at the Metropolitano.

Mendy: 5 – The new little black dot of this part. In an imperial Real, the Frenchman with a reputation for being defensively unplayable shows signs of weakness. It was through his side that the little danger came, he lost balls and he was taken out by Ancelotti because he was warned after a bad tackle on Llorente in the first period.

Chuameni: 8 – A more than successful first test of fire for the former Monaco player. He unlocked the match with his sublime pass for Rodrygo, he was there in the duel and very fair with the ball.

Kroos : 7.5 – XXL match also from Toni Kroos who recited his football. Real Madrid wandered for a good part of the meeting at the Metropolitano and the German was in charge. He dictated the tempo.

modric: 7.5 – His teammate manages the pace, and he picks it up when it’s time to sting his opponent. Precious under the colchoneros pressing, the Croatian led the action 2-0 with Vinicius.

Valverde: 8 – The other detonator of this Real Madrid. A detonator in the game but also armed in front of goal. The Uruguayan scored for the third time in a row and he is Ancelotti’s handyman. It was he, through his positioning and his acceleration, who blew up the good organization of Atleti in the first half.

⭐️ Rodrygo: 8.5 – Ancelotti reiterated his confidence in him up front and the Brazilian was poison for Atletico defenders as his movements were good and his burst of speed is difficult to manage. He scored a real goal scorer. MVP.

Vinicius: 7 – In a difficult evening for him given the context, the Brazilian knew how to put the ingredients to be at the service of the collective. He tried hard and was difficult to defend like Rodrygo. Note also that he was decisive on the second goal.

Ancelotti: 7.5 – 9 games and 9 wins before the break, the record is impressive. The Madrid coach also managed to win three of them without Karim Benzema. He worked well on his match tonight and made wise changes (Rudiger to avoid an exclusion from Mendy, Ceballos and Camavinga to manage the end of the match.

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