Notes: Valladolid – Real Madrid

To end the year, Real Madrid faced Valladolid on the 15th day of La Liga. Here are the notes that our editors attribute to the people of Madrid.

⭐️ Polite: 8.5 – Another colossal performance from the Belgian goalkeeper, who was Madrid’s best player during this recovery. He made 3 huge parries to keep the boat afloat.

Carvajal: 4.5 – Disappointing game from the Spaniard.

Rudiger: 6 – It is generally a good copy. He provided good cover at the back and got two actions on the other side of the field. He gets the punishment.

Alaba: 5.5 – The Austrian was generally serious but limited to two interventions in the first period.

Mendy: 5 – A game finally up to his standards, namely that he worked, that he secured his left lane well, but also did not shine.

Kroos: 6 – Placed in front of the defense, the German was clean. He managed to scratch a few balloons and was an excellent first raise.

Valverde : 4.5 – Fede was also a disappointment tonight. He was deprived of space, but he also seemed to lack energy.

Ceballos: 6.5 – One of the satisfactions of a bad first hour of play. He was very mobile, accessible and initiated some actions.

Asensio: 5.5 – We’ve seen it intermittently in this game. He managed to get two chances.

Vinicius: 6.5 – The Brazilian was very active and everything went through him for almost the whole match. He is the trigger and he didn’t miss much to make the difference. He also encountered more difficulties as the match progressed against a good opponent.

Benzema: 7 – He missed a huge chance in the first half and we thought for a long time that it wouldn’t do for him tonight… But like a good captain he made no mistake as he finished off the penalty before doubling the set a few minutes later.

Ancelotti: 6 – His team clearly did not deliver a great game and it could have turned into a disaster without a giant Courtois. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the Italian’s choice paid off, as Real returned to play after the coaching change.

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