Nvidia’s latest AI technology can upscale blurry old YouTube videos

Nvidia’s new RTX Video Super Resolution feature is coming next month for videos viewed in Chrome and Edge browsers. It allows to transform a low quality video up to 1440p. But you need an Nvidia 30 or 40 series GPU for this to work.

Nvidia RTX Super Resolution © Nvidia

Nvidia just aimed its AI scaling technology at a new target: web video when it’s blurry. Announced this week during its presentation at CES 2023, RTX Video Super Resolution is a new technology designed to upscale video viewed through Chrome or Edge browsers on a PC to the equivalent of 4K.

Blurred videos upscaled to 4K using AI

In practice, a video demonstration of the technology at work in pictures ofApex Legends show it edges are sharpened and video artifacts are reduced. Nvidia’s demo shows RTX Video Super Resolution at work on a YouTube video, but its blog post notes that it should work on any video viewed in a browser, which should cover other streaming services like Netflix.

The technology supports all videos with a resolution between 360p and 1440p (including video in 1080p), up to 144 Hz frame rate. The catch is that you need a relatively modern Nvidia GPU to take advantage of this feature, with only its newer 30- and 40-series GPUs listed as supported when they come out next month.

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Nvidia has already made its video AI scaling technology available on its dedicated streaming devices Shield TV and Shield TV Probut bringing it to the browser should make it accessible to a much wider audience.

The only real downside is that Nvidia limits the technology people with their newer 30 or 40 series GPUsmeaning anyone with an older 20 or 10 series card won’t benefit from it when it launches in February.

Source: Nvidia

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