OK Google, tell me how do you know everything?

We know, you’re tired of us talking about it: as soon as we talk about digital and in particular Google, the same questions, the same debates: the abuses of the Internet, the power of GAFAM, money, our freedoms, the law.
But still: why are we stuck with Google? Why him ? Why has he become necessary, irreplaceable, a member of our family, a friend, even a double?
An appeal, in any case, unavoidable… Because yes, thanks to Google, we can know everything… with one exception: how does he know everything?

Broadcast sounds:

  • Pub Lycos, one of the first web portals launched in 1994, archive from 1999
  • Archive of Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, which recounts the beginnings of Google
  • zippo song, Google
  • Excerpt from the series The simpsonsseason 9 episode 14
  • Larry Page’s archive of Google’s missions, in TED X, March 2014
  • Ending song: Monsieur Lulu, Ask Google


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