Oledcomm replaces Wi-Fi with the use of light

Benjamin Azoulay, president of Oledcomm. Oledcomm

FOCUS – For the first time, Li-Fi technology is used in a school in Île-de-France.

Let the light speak. For the first time, the Li-Fi technology developed by the French start-up Oledcomm is used in a nursery school in L’Isle-Adam (Val-d’Oise), in the Paris region. This technology makes it possible to connect objects without using Wi-Fi. Concretely, Li-Fi does not use radio waves, but those of light. In principle, it is a light signal, invisible to the naked eye. A kind of morse code emitted in infrared. For the system to work, the device (computer, tablet, etc.) must simply be placed under the beam. A bit like the evening reader who settles under the light of his lamp. Except that the waves used by Oledcomm for Li-Fi do not illuminate.

Like any communication network, the deployment of Li-Fi requires some equipment. First, access points are needed in the rooms, in this case the classrooms concerned. Some of these ceiling-mounted devices look like…

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