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Following the mea culpa made by his coach Igor Tudor, who regretted having left his attacking midfielder on the bench against Tottenham (1-2) in the Champions League, the captain of Olympique de Marseille Dimitri Payet achieved a great developed this Friday and puts the collective before its personal case in a press conference.

Dimitri Payet adopts exemplary behavior as a good captain.

I made a mistake, Payet should have played at least a quarter of an hour. I could have done better in this game. It’s a coach’s job, we all make mistakes. (…) I have to do my self-criticism after watching the match with my head rested. To put Suarez in place of Payet for example, I could have made a different change.

Three days after the defeat, synonymous with elimination from the Champions League, of Olympique de Marseille against Tottenham (1-2), the Marseille coach Igor Tudor made an honorable mea culpa this Friday in front of the press, regretting some of his choices, including that of having done without the services of his attacking midfielder Dimitri Payet for this decisive match.

An obvious frustration, but…

A courageous reaction to which the Reunionnais was quickly invited to react, after having succeeded his coach in the face of journalists. And if he feeds a logical frustration, the number 10 of OM refused to fuel any beginning of controversy in a delicate period when OM won only one of their last 7 matches in all competitions. I was already frustrated when I left the Commandery. Between the moment we left here and the moment we arrived at the stadium, I was very frustrated not to be on the pitch. Like every time. As a competitor, I want and I work to be on the field all the time.underlined Payet.

And to add: But the coach makes choices, they have to be respected. If nder’s cross for Kola’s header ends up in goal, it looks like it was the change of the century and not about Payet. But obviously, the frustration is great because I want to help my teammates and that was not possible in this match. A reaction full of maturity and class.

D. Payet – why argue with leaders

Inevitably, the Olympian captain, who was content with 12 appearances (including only 6 as a starter) in all competitions this season, regrets his downgrading. But he does not give up and does not intend to tarnish the atmosphere within the group. Of course that was not what I had in mind at the start of this season. But if the coach makes choices and thinks the team can be better off without me, he has a reason. It’s up to me to make sure every day in the field and when he calls on me to prove him wrong, to put problems in his headstill recognized Payet.

The French international has no intention of complaining about his fate. Why argue with leaders? I think that was never my way. Each time I went through times when I played less, I worked to regain my place, to return to the field. It’s not today, this ge-l, that I’m going to complain to my leaders. The coach is the one who decides. I’m not going to go see the leaders to ask them why I’m not playing. I could go see the coach, but not even. If I’m at my level, decisive, the coach isn’t crazy… He’s not going to put you off if you win the matches. it won’t change and it’s not today that I’m going to throw in the towel, finished Payet. An outing full of wisdom that will do good to the people of Marseilles upside down. The latter will also have, with or without the 35-year-old player, a great opportunity to start again this Sunday during the Olympico against Lyon in Ligue 1!

What do Tudor’s words about Payet mean to you? Do you think the number 10 should find his place in the Olympian eleven for the Olympico? Do not hesitate to react and debate in the area add a comment


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