One of Google Calendar’s best features is about to disappear

However, there is a good reason why Google wants to “kill” one of its most used features.

Soon, you won’t be able to use Google Calendar to set reminders: the company has confirmed that it plans to simplify its organizational tools, migrating certain functions from one app to another.

One of the first changes to be made will be the disappearance of the reminders function from Google Calendar, so that this function is integrated into Google Tasks, Google’s task management application.

New Google Calendar Widget in Android 12

The Google calendar application on an Android mobile.

You will need to use Google Tasks to manage your reminders

The change will roll out over the months, and as Google recently confirmed, the feature for adding reminders will eventually disappear from the button to create events in the Google Calendar app.

Instead, you’ll need to use the Google Tasks app or use the Google Assistant, as task reminders will also be integrated into the assistant, so users can add new reminders using their voice through any which of your devices.

All reminders created using Google Tasks will appear in the app for iOS and Android, as well as in the sidebar of Gmail, Drive, Docs, and all other Google Workspace services.

Otherwise, reminders will continue to have the same functionality, including the ability to create recurring reminders, set time and day, etc.

Surprisingly, despite the changes Google is going to make, the reminders feature built into Google Keep will still be available and won’t be migrated to Google Tasks.

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