OneCoin: the ex-boss of 4 billion Bitcoin scam tries the coup of the century

If the colossal OneCoin Ponzi pyramid, historically considered the biggest crypto scam of all time, sometimes seems to belong to the distant past, its emblematic Bulgarian boss Ruzha Ignatova talk about her again in 2023. At stake, the attempt to reclaim her luxurious London villa.

Mother Ponzia

She almost wanted to pass Sam Bankman Friedlate boss of FTX, for a humble little beanie player.

She is the High Priestess of Ponzi, the Empress of Crypto and Bitcoin Scams, the one and only former President of OneCointhe crypto scam to 4 billion dollars of harm and to the hundreds of thousands of victims I mentioned Ruzha Ignatova.

His ultra-bright smile and carnivorous nothingness, his jet-black hair and his neat manicure adorn the premises of numerous judiciaries around the world. A world that she seems to have left behind since 2017, the year her international run began.

Let’s judge: permanent member of the list above 10 most wanted refugees in the world of the FBI, undisputed finalist of crime VIPs according to Europol’s criteria (or she would maintain a moleit cannot be invented), pursued by the German legal system, which does not let go, while agreeing that the one who has been called the “crypto queen” has not been found for years, even leaving some to imagine say she could have made the transition to become… a “Crypto King”the track record is impressive.

Ruzha Ignatova, untraceable, fugitive, perhaps even dead and embedded in the anonymous foundations of a building owned by one of her victims, who was more vindictive than the others, remained resolutely untraceable...until an astonishing sign of life 48 hours ago.

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God save the crypto queen

As we know, Ruzha Ignatova’s former colleagues are currently responsible for justice in various jurisdictions, and their lawyers are trying to save them hundreds of years in prison. But those of Ruzha Ignatova have apparently been accused by the latter of a completely different mission: to try to recover one of her luxurious London villas.

At least that’s what the British newspaper says The times, from which it appears that the property in question consists of a 3-bedroom villa, valued at £13.5 million sterling. Described as the “ultimate penthouse”, the 650 square meter residence would have a swimming pool and would be decorated “£500,000 worth of artwork. »

The story does not say whether Ruzha Ignatova plans to reinvest the premises as if nothing had happened, in the rather nebulous hypothesis that this surreal request should be accepted by the tax administration and the British law. We will, in any case, notice a disconnection from reality and an ability to always try to go a little further with a disturbing naturalness, a decidedly recurring trademark among cryptocriminals over the years.

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