Onet technologies in the Rhone Gard: a project to invest in the dismantling market

Agglo president Jean-Christian Rey and engineering director at Onet, Christophe Astier took part in laying the first stone of a construction that will be delivered on 30 November.

The regional park of economic activity (PRAE) Marcel Boiteux de Chusclan hosted this Friday, September 9 a very symbolic laying of the first stone. The ritual materializes the emergence of an ambitious project led by the Onet Technologies group, a service provider in the nuclear sector. That of a new construction.

Four activities in a single location

It consists of bringing together four activities in a single place. There are of course the offices that will house the teams, business managers and methods office. At the end of the building there is a mask workshop which will meet all health and safety standards. The layout also provides for a small mechanical boiler workshop with a load-carrying area that meets all safety requirements. It also offers solutions to the needs of Onet technologies.

Christophe Astier is director of engineering, decommissioning services and waste at Onet Technologies. He ensures that the boiler workshop “will be able to provide new services since it will be in direct proximity to Marcoule. We hope that will bring us activity”, he declares. And then there is the Techno center laser. This is a subject that the Onet group began to develop with the CEA in 2014 through a first industrial high-activity dismantling project using laser technology.

A real estate transaction worth €2.50 million

The laying of the first stone was followed by a 3D presentation of the Techno center and offices. The promoter Occitane Immobilier (David Guinet, the architect Laetitia Di Mascio and Julien Di Mascio) carries the project as project manager. The Di Mascio company, based in Laudun-l’Ardoise, and Les Constructeurs du sud carried out the structural work and the foundations.

The building permit application was filed with the services of the Agglo on July 27 and issued on October 7. The delivery deadline is set for November 30, 2022. The Onet Technologies group wants to work on Marcoule and take advantage of its influence and its light.

The entity also aims to export its know-how. The objective is to take advantage of the notoriety of the CEA and Orano to highlight its technologies and to attract international manufacturers and prime contractors.

An international showcase for the dismantling industry

The service provider plans to deploy this know-how in the context of the “decategorization” of waste in order to reduce the environmental impact of waste materials which are of a nuclear nature.

“The laser subject enabled us to carry out our first contract in Japan within the framework of the dismantling of Fukushima, explains Michel Astier. We are working with EDF for the application of this technology on the dismantling of reactors.” Onet Technologies also works with Belgium. “This Techno center is a real tool in the pursuit of the industrial development of Onet Technologies underlines the director of engineering”.

In addition to the Techno center and the boilermaking, the future building will house two other activities. “We have offices that will accommodate our teams, business managers and methods office” adds Christophe Astier. At the end of the building there will be a mask workshop “which will meet all health and safety standards”.

At Onet Technologies, we readily admit, the reason for setting up in the Marcel Boiteux park is of a strategic nature. “It shows the group’s desire to be part of the long term, in support of Marcoule’s activities and in support of dismantling, waste management and operational support programs.” The proximity of the industrial site offers an international showcase for the dismantling sector.

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