Online advertising: Google again implicated

Europeans are definitely (rightly) angry with Google. After a new conviction on appeal but subject to appeal (see our box below) to a fine of 4.1 billion euros, this time it is the European publishers who are demanding much more.

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Google’s anti-competitive practices

Properly understood American liberalism is the freedom to undertake on all markets for the Yankee firms and a quasi-monopoly for themselves. This is what Google applies for its Chrome search engine, for its price comparison but also and above all on the online advertising market.

$25 billion at stake

Print or digital press publishers as well as video game publishers are (poorly) paid to know this. Google and Facebook in that order collect between 60 and 80% of online advertising revenue. It is one of the pangs of the written press; paper sales go down, and if digital sales go up, the added value goes to California.

On the strength of this regrettable finding, a group of EU and English publishers will file a complaint with the courts of Great Britain and the Netherlands. A sum of 25 billion euros could be at stake, a respectable amount even for the American giant. To be continued…

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