Our emotions put to the test by lack

If human beings have always been wary of lack, today’s world does not help us much to keep our phlegm. pinel

PSYCHOLOGY – At the supermarket, at the gas station or in love, the lack can be unbearable. Its learning is however fundamental…

Running out of gasoline, oil, mustard. Money or time, information and landmarks, humor, intelligence, discernment. Running out of air, an occasion where someone… The state of lack is not a strange state. “It’s a situation that can be very distressing, especially when it resonates with wounds from the past.confirms Antoine Lesur, psychiatrist and author of Psychic Distress (Odile Jacob). The individual is a being of habits who draws his security from the known. Lack is a break in these habits, which plunges him into insecurity. And panic! The lack is “the absence or serious insufficiency of necessary things”. Everything is said in this definition: we lack what we need (or think we need). And because everything that is lacking represents a threat, physical, emotional or psychic, it is natural to seek at all costs to protect ourselves from it.

Hence these strange reactions at the gas station or the supermarket. “The…

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