Parcel scam, bogus cops… 6 scams that are flourishing this November!

Parcel scams, bogus cops… The Trop Libre editorial team has selected 6 scams that are flourishing this November!

The criminals do not fail to imagine new techniques to better defraud their potential victims. They not only do not take vacations, but also adapt to seasonality to better catch you in their net. Parcel scams, bogus cops… Here are 6 scams that are flourishing like never before this November!

If the classics do not go out of fashion, new ones are to be reported. Too Free tells you more in the following lines.

1- The parcel scam

This scam never goes out of style. It goes without saying in this month of November, to redouble our vigilance, especially as the Black-Friday and first Christmas shopping.

This SMS scam informs you that your package could not be delivered and you have to pay an additional fee to collect it. Advice: never click on the link received by SMS.

2- The Netflix account scam

An SMS sent supposedly in the name of Netflix is ​​currently circulating in France. Legal streaming enthusiasts are the main target of theNetflix account scam.

You are told that your last payment was declined. Your account should be updated as soon as possible.

Warning, it’s just junk. Do not click on the link and do not fill in any information requested, especially not your bank details.

3- The cryptocurrency scam

It’s a email scam and which promises you a 2% return thanks to cryptocurrency. You are later offered a 26% return…

Rest assured, you will never see your money again like this pensioner who lost 90,000 euros because of this scam.

4- The fake fine scam

If you receive an SMS fromNational Agency for Automated Infringement Processingdo not open it.

This scam asks you to pay a fine online. It’s actually just a phishing attempt who seeks to access your data and extort money from you.

5- The fake police scam.

This email scam is a classic with a makeover. The agrefins take themselves here for policemen. They tell you that you are being prosecuted for child pornography.

This time, a QR code referring to the official site of the National Gendarmerie has been integrated into the email to fool people and scare them“, warns the authorities.

Do not respond to this message and do not be tempted to click on the link.

6- The hacked webcam scam

This is a pornography blackmail. The scammer tricks you into thinking he has a video of you, taken through your computer’s webcamviewing pornographic sites.

He then asks you to pay him not to broadcast it on the Internet.

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