Paul Pogba case: New charges by Mathias Pogba against his brother

New episode, and not the least, in the Pogba affair. Indicted and remanded in custody last weekend in the investigation of extortion denounced by the Turin community, Mathias Pogba made new revelations this Friday on his Twitter account via written messages and videos. Revelations that had been programmed beforehand. “That means that I’m no longer freesays the former Belfort player. I specify that these statements prepared in advance are of my own free will and this time I will talk a little about the files“.

The masks will fall off like R-Kelly, Weinstein and Mendy and you’ll see it’s not a pretty sight“, assures the big brother of the Pogba family, who describes his brother as “big hypocrite, manipulative, sneaky and criminal“. As he indicated at the end of August, Mathias Pogba returns to the fact that the world champion would have called on a marabout against teammates and in particular Kylian Mbappé.

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My brother, on several occasions, cast spells on his football teammates, including the prodigy Kylian Mbappé, whether out of jealousy or to win a match.he adds. This individual, my brother, has become a follower of witchcraft in recent years, becoming the following of a wizard, known as the marabout Ibrahim, called Grande, a relative of the former player Alou Diarra, who would have known him thanks to Serge Aurier. It’s this wizard I was talking about as someone who worked to isolate my brother.”

At Paul’s request, the wizard was tasked with neutralizing Kylian Mbappé before PSG-Manchester United

Mathias Pogba evokes a match in particular: the comeback of Manchester United, with his team made up of several young people, at the Parc des Princes in March 2019 in the knockout stages of the Champions League. “At Paul’s request, the wizard was tasked with neutralizing Kylian Mbappé, who was then experiencing a rapid rise, far exceeding Paul’s notoriety.he says. It was weird for Mam’s to see that during this game, Kylian was only a shadow of himself against a reserve team.”

Mathias Pogba has made other accusations against the former Red Devils player including his alleged “collusion with organized crime“: “That’s why our family and our loved ones are in danger today. My brother…has always had criminals and delinquents around him and he still has today..” The Pogba affair is therefore not over and it should still make a lot of ink flow.

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