Paulette, 83, had been missing for 2 years in Andenne: her body was found thanks to Google Street View

An 83-year-old resident of Andenne had not given any sign of life since November 2, 2020. Her body was found using the Google Street View tool.

Google Street View is this tool for high definition satellite and aerial images. Before closing the case, an investigator decides to dive back into the story. He then checks the images taken by Google Street View, the day of Paulette’s disappearance. And there is stupor. He sees the octogenarian heading towards his neighbor’s home. These will be the last images of her alive.

Etienne Gaublomme, magistrate-press of the public prosecutor’s office of Namur-Dinant: “The investigation determined that the Google vehicle had passed the day of her disappearance when she left her home. It’s a big stroke of luck for the investigation.”
A coincidence all the more important that Paulette lived in a voice without exit.

Arrived on the spot, the police discover indeed the body of Paulette, inert, and extended in the garden of his neighbor. Several hypotheses are then put forward. According to the daily newspaper L’Avenir, discomfort or even a fall could be envisaged.

Several questions arise: how can a body go unnoticed for two years? And this outdoors? And above all, how could the investigators have missed the body knowing the special device that had been put in place? Following the disappearance of Paulette, an intense mobilization was organised. A helicopter equipped with thermal cameras but also tracking dogs had, for example, been requisitioned. An autopsy will be performed to determine the exact causes of his death.

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