Pcloud VS Google Drive: which service to choose?

The cloud has revolutionized the way we store data. It is now possible to access our files and content anytime, anywhere and from any device connected to the internet. Whether at home, in the car or at the office. Gone are the rooms filled with filing cabinets and the computer’s saturated memory. Today data is stored remotely and securely in the cloud. Obviously, to be sure to benefit from the best services, you still have to choose the right service. Zoom on our comparison pCloud vs Google Drive.

That’s a fact ! Despite all its advantages, digital transformation also brings its share of constraints. At the top of the list, the millions of data that must be recorded to keep track of all the actions carried out. However, as we already know, even the most advanced machine on the market does not have unlimited storage space. This is where the online storage solutions.

Also known as the cloud, these services allow you to save your data directly on the internet, while giving you the benefit of a large number of well thought-out features. Of course, when you want to subscribe to an online storage service, data security, confidentiality and settings options are all criteria that will allow you to choose the solution that will stick to your needs. your needs and requirements.

The two pioneers of cloud storage, namely pCloud and Google Drive, offer their users a myriad of features to best meet their expectations. However, the two offers do not offer the same advantages and do not have the same disadvantages. In order to redirect you to the most interesting platform, let’s attack this comparison pCloud vs. Google Drive with them main differences between the two services.

Security and encryption

Data security is one of the points that should not be overlooked when using a cloud platform. On this point, Google Drive and pCloud both offer standard encryption to encrypt your files when they are stored on the servers: AES 128 bits and AES 256 bits respectively. Both services also offer two-factor authentication for optimal security. You also have the option of taking advantage of the TLS protocol, which ensures optimal protection of your data in transit to the servers.

On the other hand, pCloud offers an optional add-on called pCloud Crypto. This one guarantees you military-grade encryption with zero-knowledge privacy features. In details, pCloud Crypto allows you to create encryption keys locally so that no third party, not even the provider, can access them.

On the other hand, privacy is one of Google Drive’s biggest shortcomings. In fact, the company has been proven to scan your emails and personal files. This is to provide you with personalized ads or tailored search results.

In summary, the search engine giant’s solution falls short of pCloud’s level of encryption. It also performs poorly when it comes to confidentiality. From a security point of view, it is pCloud wins hands down.

Malware Protection

Despite all its advantages, the usefulness of a online storage service without good security remains debatable. To ensure the protection of their users and their data, pCloud and Google Drive offer protection protocols during transfers and encryption that works in transit and at rest.

For its part, Google Drive goes even further by proposing toanalyze your files up to 25 megabytes to guarantee you virus-free files. pCloud has chosen not to offer this type of service to ensure the protection of the privacy of its users. The latter will therefore have to rely on the antivirus solutions on the machine to verify the security of the downloaded files.

Google Drive thus presents itself as a great option if you have no problem with an automated system in your cloud storage service checking your files. In addition, Google Drive also gives you the benefit of anti-ransomware protection.

In fact, Google Drive protects files shared by other users from malware, spam, ransomware and phishing.

Pcloud VS Google Drive: Collaboration Features

For companies, collaboration tools are essential to optimize their productivity and the good cooperation between the different collaborators. Unfortunately on this point, pCloud is far behind the solution proposed by Google. Indeed, if pCloud offers more than attractive features, it does not offer any possibility of collaborating online. Google Drive stands out with its myriad of features dedicated to collaborationto know :

  • Live editing of documents
  • Collaboration on documents
  • Online comments

In addition, the solution provides you with its own suite of applications: documents, Sheets, Slides and Keep. Note that Google Drive also offers a library of third-party products including a large number of free tools with which it can integrate. pCloud only allows you to preview your photos and play media files.

Finally, to finish this comparison of pCloud vs Google Drive, we will examine the synchronization and file sharing features. These two services use different synchronization methods, even if they offer to save files automatically. Google Drive goes through a longer process of uploading and uploading the document. This greatly affects the synchronization speed. In addition, accessing the latest version of the file from a different device often generates delays and latencies.

pCloud, on the other hand, offers sync your files in blocks. Unlike Google Drive, it will update only the modified elements of the files instead of the whole file. Which allows it to guarantee faster sync speeds.

Regarding file sharing, pCloud wins the race by providing its users with a multitude of options. Among other things, the solution allows you to share files and protect them using a password or set an expiration date. You also have the option of using a dedicated public folder for file distribution and direct download links.

Unfortunately, Google Drive does not allow you to access such advanced features.


Although there are many quality online storage services today, pCloud and Google Drive are among the must-have solutions. You won’t be disappointed with either one. Both services provide you with a set of thoughtful and ultra-convenient features.

In terms of security, synchronization and sharing, pCloud emerges victorious from this duel. However, Google Drive presents itself as a great option if you need to work with documents and collaborate with other users.

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