Peter Thiel, the billionaire homosexual who funds Trumpist candidates

Peter Thiel in Miami in April. Rebecca Blackwell/AP

PORTRAIT – The investor wants America to adopt his uber-libertarian ideology, his free market ideals and his desire to completely let go of technology, for the future of man and his salvation.

In Los Angeles

Interviewed on a now distant day by the American magazine The New Yorkerventure capitalist and billionaire Peter Thiel claimed to hate politics: “At best, she’s pretty bad, and at worst, she’s awful. I think it would be good to have a less politicized world.” Who would think then, at the time of this declaration, that many years later the personality, if not the richest (his fortune is estimated between 4.2 and 10 billion dollars), at least the most controversial in Silicon Valley , would throw himself headlong, wallet in hand, into election campaigns? First the presidential elections of libertarian Ron Paul, in 2008 and 2012, then that of Donald Trump in 2016 and, more recently, that of the mid-term elections on November 8.

Determined to completely transform his adopted country – he was born in Germany and grew up partly in South Africa – Peter Thiel has just swallowed up 30 million dollars in…

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