Philippe Montanier remains optimistic despite the defeat

After the defeat against Lille this Saturday evening, Philippe Montanier, returned to the performance of his team at the microphone of Canal +: “No (the match is not lost in the first 30 minutes, editor’s note), once you have passed 30 minutes, you still have 60 left behind. I think it was rather a balanced match, you can see it in terms of statistics. In terms of possession, number of shots and shots on target. We are closer to a draw. It was played on a spark of Ounas. I would say that the content of the match was very interesting, only the result is negative. »

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The Toulouse coach then spoke about the causes of this defeat and projected himself on the following events: “It’s unfortunate to have taken the second goal a little too quickly compared to our equalizer. We had a lot of situations unfortunately we did not have that spark. It is sure that at the point level, we would prefer to have a little more. But I think we are making progress. It’s still a high quality Lille team and we played on an equal footing with them. We will continue to work to be effective on both surfaces even if I think it was quite positive today. »

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