picking your nose too often would increase the risk

Australian researchers have found a link between frequently putting your fingers in your nose and the possibility of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Parents, like Jacques Dutronc, hammer it to their children: “Don’t put your fingers in your nose!”. And yet, it would seem that this instruction should also be repeated to adults. Australian researchers have indeed looked into the link between often picking your nose and the risk of developing the disease.Alzheimer’s. A real risk.

Tests on rodents

The results of this work by the teams of Professor Ames St John, Director of the Clem Jones Center for Neurobiology and Stem Cell Research at Griffith University in Brisbane (Australia) have been published in the journal Nature Scientfic Reports.

The researchers performed several tests on rodents to determine the causal link between the risk of developing a neurodegenerative disease and frequent nose picking.

A link between fingers in the nose and Alzheimer’s?

The results obtained are quite edifying. Indeed, by using the Chlamydia pneumoniae bacterium and injecting it through the nasal passages into rodents, the researchers noticed that the bacterium had reached the brain in less than 72 hours.

Subsequently, the scientists noticed that the first signs of dementia, which are found in particular in patients with Alzheimer’s, could be detected in the brain within 2 to 28 days in these same rodents.

When in doubt, leave your nose alone

For those responsible for the study, there is still research to be done to find out if these results can be transposed to humans. The fact remains that if you carry one of its bacteria on your fingers, it can very easily infect you through the nasal passages if you regularly pick your nose with your fingers.

This gesture can indeed damage the nasal walls and facilitate infection even more. For researchers, it is therefore essential to do without this bad habit to avoid facilitating the work of these bacteria.

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