pictures of the new tires

Nokian is also adopting VF technology for tires for tractors. In this category, the manufactured dimensions are aimed at large powers. On the wearer side, VF technology concerns 14 dimensions. Traditionally at Nokian, the design of the tread challenges. The marketing of VF Nokian tires will start from November 2023.

Overview of the tires presented at SIMA where VF technology seems to be becoming the norm. Also tires connected via sensors and new designs for the treads.

In addition to tractors and harvesting machinery, Entraid’ offers you an overview of the new tire innovations seen at SIMA 2022. With a more flexible sidewall, but also more resistant, the VF tires presented at SIMA allow you to carry up to at 40% additional load for the same pressure as a standard tyre. They thus give the possibility of lowering the pressure during field work to limit soil compaction. In addition, they also offer the possibility, within certain limits, of being able to maintain the same pressure in the fields and on the road.

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