Pixel Watch: Google would position its “cheapest” model just below Apple’s Series 8

Time is money, even for Google. The company is preparing to unveil its first connected watch, which is only a few weeks away from its announcement, if we are to believe the appointment given by the company. Expected at the same time as the Pixel 7 for October 6, the Californian giant’s tocante has begun to reveal itself in more depth with what would be the first prices and the first information on the colors available.

A fairly high price, even if Google tries to stay competitive

The website 9to5Google already announced that we could be entitled to a 4G version of the watch for $399. This time around, it’s the wifi/Bluetooth version in question, and we learn that it could be priced at $350. The information comes from a distributor who claims to hold the prices for the brand’s future watch.

Thanks to this source, we also know more about the colors offered. Three variations for the cases of the two models would thus be marketed: black, silver and gold with associated straps (Obsidian for black, Charcoal or Chalk for silver and Hazel for gold).

The silver models of each declination should be somewhat different. Thus, the 4G model would have a Charcoal bracelet (coal) which could approach a darker gray, while that of the wifi model would be called Chalk (chalk) and could therefore have a lighter finish.

Make or break for Google

These prices in dollars are certainly an indication, but do not yet reflect what one can expect in France. Inflation having passed by, we could be entitled to some (bad) surprises, in particular with the taxes applied to the products once at home.

Google’s Pixel Watch already seems destined to attack head-on other references already well established in a fairly high-end segment of the connected watch market, and will have to fight to find a place for itself. At this price, Google will have to rely on its know-how to find its audience and promote its assets from the outset so as not to simply become yet another forgettable reference.

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