PlayStation worked on NFT and Blockchain technology, patent claims

The video game industry reacted to the appearance of blockchain technology. Many companies have chosen to explore this path, including Square Enix or SEGA. PlayStation has also been investigating the application of NFTs, or so it suggests a patent that includes a system for “the creation, use, modification, and transfer of creative digital objects in-game.”

According to the patent, the idea is that assets designed based on the gameplay of a video game can be generated. People “regularly” believe that it is important to “own and use unique physical objects related to celebrities or respected activities”. He cites as an example that “fans of talented baseball player Babe Ruth or of baseball in general generally seek to purchase their own baseballs autographed by Ruth,” along with player cards.

A capture of the patent.

A system for tracking objects

Sony explains that “in certain video games, a user can use digital resources during the game”. These materials may include “specific characters, costumes, or objects.” In traditional titles, there are “consumable, indistinguishable” items, even the rarest ones. The patent suggests some kind of verification system:

“As a result, in traditional video games, there is no way to know, trace, or authenticate the history” of a game object. “The techniques and technologies described extend the capabilities of associated digital assets video games and systems that generate and manage these digital objects. He would do this by “converting” these “video game associated” items from consumables to non-consumables.

According to Sony, tracing the history of these objects will include, for example, knowing when they were created, used, modified, rented, sold, licensed, etc.

At this time, PlayStation has not officially announced any projects related to blockchain technology or NFTs. Like all patents, this does not indicate that this one will come to fruition.

There has recently been a controversy with Square Enix’s latest NFT project, as has Warner’s with The Lord of the Rings.

Source | Patent, VGC

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