Prevention of depression: the role of loved ones

A recent American study concludes that loved ones play a big role in coping with certain difficult times.

According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan, the role of loved ones is predominant when you are going through complicated times.

They would actually help us avoid a depressive episode.

The trap of isolation

It is in the journal American Journal of Psychiatry that the results of this study have been published. To achieve this, the researchers examined data from just over 1,000 first-year medical students and 435 men and women whose romantic partners had recently died.

The original idea was to identify two different situations that could lead to the installation of depression.

Relatives and depression: what results?

The authors of the study conclude:

Depressive symptom scores increased by 126% after starting internship in the medical student sample and by 34% after widowhood in the sample.

And they add, as Health Magazine reports:

The results of the study suggest that individuals with a high genomic risk of developing increased depressive symptoms under adverse social conditions also benefit more from stimulating social environments..

Important support

In other words, the role of loved ones is crucial for those going through a difficult time. Although it is useful to remember if the follow-up from a healthcare professional is equally important or even crucial.

Because according to Inserm, the risk of suicide is multiplied by 30 during a depressive episode. In 1 to 2 out of 10 people suffering from this disease ends their life.

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