Proton launches its alternative to Google Drive to store its files

A free cloud storage solution, always with the greatest respect for the privacy of its users.

The Swiss firm is recognized for its eponymous web messaging service launched in 2014, as well as for its VPN. It announces today the launch of a new web solution called Proton Drive.

Like Google Drive, it offers users on PCs, smartphones or tablets free storage of their files in the cloud. Presentation.

A secure storage space

The group is strengthening its ecosystem of web solutions with Proton Drive. The publisher is thus gradually extending its offer and becoming an increasingly complete alternative to the giant Google.

After being tested in a beta version by 450,000 users in recent months, the cloud storage solution is now available to everyone. It is available online from a browser, or on Android via a dedicated application.

Encrypted and secure file sharing from Proton Drive.©Proton

Like Proton Mail, it relies on data confidentiality. The Swiss brand insists on the character ” secure and reliable » of his Drive, in particular thanks to end-to-end encryption, including in the context of file sharing. The company then reassures users that ” no one can access their data without their consent, not even Proton“.

A paid offer for increased storage space

Proton Drive is offered for free online. The basic formula includes 1 GB of storage space, far from the 15 GB offered with Google Drive.

It will take 3.99 euros per month to extend it to 200 GB with the Drive Plus option, or 9.99 euros to go to 500 GB with the Proton Unlimited option. The latter gives as a bonus access to the advanced services of Proton Mail (15 email addresses and an unlimited number of aliases), Calendar (multiple calendars supported with sharing functionality available) and VPN (up to 10 devices) .

The Privacy Pledge counts among its members companies such as Proton, Brave, David Caroll, Neeva, The Tor Project,...
The Privacy Pledge counts among its members companies like Proton, Brave, David Caroll, Neeva, The Tor Project,…©The Privacy Pledge

Proton is very committed to respecting privacy on the net. He has also joined 11 other companies in the ” Privacy Pledge“, through which its members commit to certain key principles, sometimes absent from applications designed by tech giants. Among them :

  • solutions designed for individuals with respect for fundamental human rights,
  • a collection of data limited to the only information necessary for the provision of the service,
  • data encryption during transfer, but also once stored,
  • transparency of the signatory companies on their identity and their software (open source).
  • interoperable web services, without resorting to “unnecessary” data collection and without compromising encryption.

An alternative to tech giants, therefore, more respectful of people and their data.

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