Quantica presents a multi-material 3D printer based on ultra-high viscosity jet technology.

Berlin-based start-up Quantica specializing in 3D printing presents its flagship product – NovoJet™ C-7 -, an industrial 3D printer with ultra-high viscosity multi-material capabilities. The 3D printer is based on a technology called NovoJet™, which would be ideal for research, feasibility studies and small-scale production of custom applications.

This is why it will first be made available to research institutes and industrial partners, who seek to develop high-performance multi-material 3D printing and other additive manufacturing applications. According to Quantica, beyond feasibility testing and application development, the open print platform can also be used for custom and low-volume production, enabling a seamless transition from lab to production.

The power of Quantica’s NovoJet™ printhead technology lies in its ability to print materials 15 times more viscous than traditional inkjet printheads. This opens up new possibilities for providing high-value finished products with properties such as high toughness, temperature resistance, conductivity, biocompatibility and flexibility, produced in a single process, reads A press release.

The main features of the NovoJet™ C-7 are:

  • Materials experimentation: The system uses printheads capable of handling a wide range of fluids with viscosity in excess of 380mPa-s at jetting temperature, which equates to approximately 4000mPa-s at room temperature. It is also possible to experiment with liquids with a high particle load.
  • New material combinations: The system can control up to 7 material channels, giving users access to new material combinations with improved mechanical properties, color fidelity and aesthetics.
  • System Customization: The system offers customizable integrations for research and development needs.

This new system opens up tremendous possibilities for materials deposition industries, giving materials developers the ability to break through the limitations of low performance fluids and begin developing new formulations with better properties of interest. Ultimately, we empower organizations to build products in new and exciting ways. said Ramon Borrell, Technical Director of Quantica. ” Quantica is already exploring several applications in the dental, healthcare, consumer goods and electronics industries. We are excited to help these industries, and many more, break down the current barriers and limitations of inkjet.. »

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