“Que Choisir” pin products “without added sugar”

The magazine states that many of these foods are certainly “easy” but not necessarily healthier.

The January edition of the magazine What to choose looking at the lighter versions of many everyday food products.

We know that too much sugar consumption is associated with an additional risk of overweight or obesity, diabetes, heart problems or inflammatory diseases. But when it comes to low-fat products, “Watch out for traps”warns the magazine, which has analyzed a hundred of them.

Light products: Less sugar, but fat

To compensate for a lower amount of sugars, fats can be added. example? Karéléa sugar-free chocolate bar from Léa Nature, consisting of 47% more fat than the dark Lindt version with a fleur de sel tip.

Another example is La Boulangère organic sandwich bread “with no added sugar”, but with 121% more fat than a similar reference marketed at Casino. What to choose indicates that the reference “contains almost as many lipids as a Liègeois chocolate”.

Salt and additives

The authors of the study add that “Replacing 35g of organic Amora (mayonnaise) with 35g of Jardin Bio Etic saves 0.5% of the maximum recommended sugars each day… But adds 3% of the recommended salt thresholds”. With term, a risk of hypertension among others.

And the additives are not omitted: sucralose, acesulfame K or aspartame are “suspected of harmful effects on health, especially due to a disturbance of the intestinal flora”. They are especially found in Light and Free yogurt, zero peach ice cream from Auchan.

Sugar doesn’t go away

And the mention “no added sugar” does not necessarily mean that it disappears. It is naturally present in the composition of the products.

On the other hand, What to choose praise some products. Among them are the light jams Andros, Bonne Maman Intense or Pom’potes, Carrefour Bio, Charles & Alice compotes, which contain more fruit.

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