Racing 92 pushes Toulon into the Top 14

The match: 14-31

As much as nothing happened in the first period, Racing led 6-9 at the break, the second period was full of twists and turns. Abandoning systematic kicking – arguably the FIFA World Cup syndrome – the two teams began to take initiatives, as Ile-de-France scrum-half Teddy Iribaren went past the defense to score the first try of this closing game on the twelfth day.

Reduced to 14 after the yellow card received by Ibrahim Diallo (50th) for a dangerous tackle, Racingmen conceded a goal (50th) and then a try (58th), signed Beka Gigashvili, in the wake of a furious tumble from his teammates . Baptiste Serin was unable to secure the easy conversion (see below) and back at full strength the Ile-de-France residents played it fine, Antoine Gibert delivering a model lob behind the Var defence, taken over by his center Olivier Klemenczak for an attempt at the foot of the posts (61.).

In the lead, 14-21, the Racingmen, in the second composition, knew how to perfectly control this end of the game, especially since when the substitute scrum-half Benoît Paillaugue missed a goal in his strings (67th), the Ile-de-France captain Teddy Iribaren succeeded with his (71st) and took Toulonnais out of the defensive bonus. An attempt denied to Donovan Taofifenua (75th), a drop goal missed by Teddy Iribaren (75th), an attempt to Volavola (80th): Racing 92 managed to keep RCT in its camp until the end and even dreamed of an offensive bonus.

Clumsy, lacking in imagination, not particularly conquering in contact and in melee, robbed of the opening half of the trade by refusing to bring Benoît Paillaugue and Baptiste Serin together, Toulonnais had absolutely no argument to make on Sunday night. With this defeat, RCT drops from 7th to 9th place, while Racing 92, with this fifth consecutive success, becomes second to Toulouse.

Fact: Baptiste Serin cheated off the tee

Their defeat is quite big, but in another case Toulonnais could have regretted the two points that flew away from the easy conversion of Beka Gigashvili’s attempt (58th). Badly posed, the ball fell off the tee as Baptiste Serin rushed to hit it. Mastering the rule as well as the referee, the Racingmen rushed to get their hands on this ball and the transformation was not rewritten. Two points less for Varois and a small game incident, very rare at this level of competition.


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