Real Estate Broker Loses Rs 78,000 As Scammers Manipulate Google Search Results

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CYBERCRIMINALS manipulated Google research to trick victims into downloading apps that provide remote access to their devices, using which they scam them. In the latest case, a 48-year-old real estate broker from Chunabhatti lost Rs 78,000 to cyber criminals by tricking him into downloading Teamviewer app pretending to recharge his MTNL card.Local police have registered a Sapin in the case and are investigating the matter.

An officer said the incident took place on Monday when the woman, Anagha Jadhav, received a WhatsApp message saying that if she did not complete her KYC formalities, her SIM card would be cancelled. The message included a number for the woman to call to complete the formalities. When she called the number, the person asked her to google ‘kyc qs’ and download the app.

Instead of a KYC app, the first entry Google gives when searching is a link to the Teamviewer quick support app which provides remote access. He then asked the woman to make a payment of Rs 10 to top up her account. “As the woman put it in her contact details, the defendant had access to this through the app. He then used the details to make three transactions worth Rs 78,709,” the officer said.

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Later, when the woman realized that there were unauthorized transactions in her account, she went to the police and an FIR was registered. An officer said cybercriminals were able to manipulate search engines to trick victims.

Last year, a Delhi DCP Police tweeted at Google, pointing out that when performing a KYC search on the Google Play Store, the first link that appeared was for Teamviewer, a misused remote access app. knowingly by cybercriminals.

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