Renowned cardiologists come to the same conclusions about the side effects of Covid-19 vaccines

“The Covid mRNA vaccine has likely played an important role or been a leading cause of unexpected cardiac arrests, heart attacks, strokes, cardiac arrhythmias and heart failure since 2021…”

Dr Aseem Malhotra is a British cardiologist. He is one of Britain’s most famous doctors. In 2016, he was named by the Sunday Times Debrett’s list as one of the most influential people in science and medicine in the UK, in a list that included Professor Stephen Hawking. The total Altmetric score (impact and reach) of his publications in medical journals since 2013 is over 10,000. It was one of the highest scores in the world for a clinical doctor at that time.

In the early days of the rollout of Covid-19 vaccines in Britain, he advocated injections for the general public. However, in July 2021, he experienced a terrible personal loss that caused him to reevaluate the injections, namely the sudden and unexpected death of his 73-year-old father. His father’s death had no reason to be. He knew from examining him personally that his general health, and his heart health in particular, was excellent. This is a point that he made a point of clarifying in a recent interview :

“The results of his autopsy really shocked me. There were two severe blockages in his coronary arteries, which made no sense with all I know, both as a cardiologist – someone who has expertise in this particular area – but also knowing intimately my father’s lifestyle and his health. Soon after, numbers began to emerge indicating a possible link between the mRNA vaccine and increased heart attack risk through a mechanism of increased inflammation around the coronary arteries. But on top of that, I was contacted by a whistleblower from a very prestigious university in the UK, himself a cardiologist, who explained to me that similar research had been carried out in his department, and that these researchers had decided to hush up the affair because they feared losing funding from the pharmaceutical industry. But it does not stop there. I then started looking at the data in the UK to see if there had been an increase in cardiac arrests. My father suffered cardiac arrest and sudden cardiac death at home. Had there been a change in the UK since the launch of the vaccine? And again, the results were very clear. There were 14,000 more out-of-hospital cardiac arrests in 2021 compared to 2020.”

The more Dr. Malhotra looked into the matter, the more he felt the same concern about the safety of mRNA vaccines as Dr. Peter McCullough had since the spring of 2021. The alarming incidence of sudden and unexpected deaths in the second half of 2021 and the first eight months of 2022, especially among young and healthy people, heightened his great concern and suspicion.

In September 2022, after a thorough investigation of an ever-increasing amount of data, he came to his conclusion:

“Until proven otherwise, the Covid mRNA vaccine likely played an important role or was a primary cause of unexpected cardiac arrests, heart attacks, strokes, cardiac arrhythmias and heart failure. since 2021. »

His conclusion, including his precise verbal formulation, was identical to Dr. Peter McCullough’s conclusion. The two doctors eventually got in touch to compare notes, but their conclusions were based on their own independent investigations, before they spoke to each other.

Recently, the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation produced a short video documentary titled Until Proven Otherwise [Jusqu’à preuve du contraire]. The film focuses on the concurring conclusions of these two eminent cardiologists. This film is essential, you have to see it, you have to share it.

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