repeated infections would multiply the health risks

An American study published in ‘Nature Medicine’ shows that being reinfected with SARS-CoV-2 doubles the risk of death and triples the risk of hospitalization and heart problems.

Scientists studied the cases of 443,000 people who had Covid

Protect yourself by putting the mask back on in public places. Even if this 8th wave is ‘moderate’, the Covid 19 pandemic continues to circulate in France. The study published in ‘Nature Medicine’ proves that ‘each reinfection with Covid increases the risk of complicationsif. This reinfection doubles the risk of death and triples that of hospitalization and heart problems, it is written.

Each reinfection increases the risk of complications

The scientists studied the cases of 443,000 people who had Covid between March 2020 and April 2022 (they analyzed the medical data of 5.8 million people). Of this sample, 41,000 people had had Covid at least twice. 93% had a total of 2 infections, while 6% had 3 and almost 1% had 4.

An increased risk of all sorts of unwanted health problems

To AFP, one of the authors of this study indicated that “people who were reinfected had an increased risk of all kinds of undesirable health problems such as brain diseases, kidney disease, diabetes”… The researchers noted that heart and lung problems were more than 3 times more common in subjects who had been reinfected.

The consequences of Covid-19 on the intestinal microbiota

Another study from early November demonstrates the consequences of Covid-19 on the gut microbiota as noted by the study’s co-lead author and microbiologist, Ken Cadwell: “Now that we’ve uncovered the source of this bacterial imbalance, doctors can better identify which coronavirus patients are most at risk for a secondary bloodstream infection.e”.

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