Romania wants to open a science and technology office in Silicon Valley

On Friday, November 11, the government approved a memorandum for the establishment of a network of Romanian Offices for Science and Technology in several countries around the world, similar to the one already operating in Brussels. According to the Minister of Research Sebastian Burduja, such an office should also see the light of day in the United States, in Silicon Valley.

The minister explained that the authorities are trying to identify the legal form through which Romania could open such an office on American territory, and then a government decision will be adopted in this sense, reported.

“Romania has a strategic partnership with the United States on several dimensions, one of them being precisely the strengthening of these university exchanges and the field of entrepreneurship, innovation, research”, said Minister Burduja after the government meeting on 11 November.

“We have a precedent in Brussels. Since 2006, under the supervision of the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitization, there has been a Romanian Office for Science and Technology in Brussels, which connects us to the European environment,” he said. added.

Sebastian Burduja also said that looking at what other European countries have done, such as Denmark, France, Germany, but also smaller countries such as Slovenia, the Romanian authorities have also “felt the need to have such a representative office in Silicon Valley, as a first step.” Later, Romanian officials will also assess the possibility of a similar approach in Israel, Japan and South Korea.


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