Russia bombs Ukraine using US technology (CBS) – La Nouvelle Tribune

The year 2023 opened only a few days ago. And the offensive launched by Russia since February last year continues with its share of deaths and casualties on each side. As we approach year one of the offensive led by Russia in Ukraine, the country ruled by Vladimir Putin multiplied drone attack these last weeks. In fact, as we have repeatedly reported in the past, Russia has deployed several drones on the ground to support its armed forces. That American channel CBS has revealed in a recent point that the technology used by its drones on the battlefield in Ukraine is either American or European.

The American press makes revelations about the drones deployed by Russia on the battlefield i Ukraine. For a few hours, the American chain has published on its website information about the drones used by Russia, which were intercepted by Kyiv’s forces, citing a Ukrainian specialist in drones. Pavlo Kaschuka drone specialist in the country Zelensky showed and dismantled one of the drones that the Ukrainian army managed to recover during the battle that has lasted for more than ten months now.

So it’s Orlan 10. It is a basic Russian UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle)“, confirmed the specialist who had previously shown the team off CBS News a drone. After opening the drone, the specialist pulled a module from the drone. CBS found that the logo for Swiss company U-Blox was on a chip inside. “The task of this chip is orientation in the sky”would have confirmed the specialist according to the American chain, which specifies that the expert confirmed that without him the drone would “don’t know where to fly”.

In other words, this chip is even the heart of the drone, the important link without which it cannot function. The Swiss company U-Blox told the channel that she no longer has ties to Russian companies since the beginning of the offensive that Russia launched in Ukraine. The chain also states that the authorities in Kiev have proven that similar components were produced by American companies Maxim and Microchip.

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