SAPIDACAM wants to optimize the plantain banana

The Fogas SAPIDACAM group has acquired an innovative technology that not only allows a banana plantation to be maintained for up to 90 years, but also to obtain biogas among other products derived from the plantain banana.

The project is grandiose, futuristic and unifying. The vision of the Fogas SAPIDACAM group includes 20 plantain agropoles, 13 Bio-refineries for biofuels and 20 Processing Units across Cameroon.

The plantain now in Cameroon will be a cash crop. The crop that was 2 or 03 years old in the screen will now be 90 years old…yesterday the economic value of the plantain banana was estimated at 30%. It was just the fruit that we ate and the remaining 70% was thrown away. Fogas SAPIDACAM gives the plantain its fair value by restoring the remaining 70% “ press Jean-Daniel YALLA responsible for the communication

Value of Plantain from trunk to leaves

According to the Fogas SAPIDACAM project, the trunk of the banana tree will be used to manufacture alcoholic beverages, biogas, in particular ethanol; the leaves will be reprocessed to make seeds and the bananas themselves, juice, pots of yoghurt, flour, crisps, at least 20 by-products.

Planters around the project.

It takes at least 16 million around the project in 5 years to meet demand. They can be satellite carriers, ie natural persons or moral persons: cooperatives, GIC, Associations that can provide land ranging from 1 to X hectares for a renewable period of 10 years. In simple words: “The planter makes his land available to us, which ranges from 1 to X hectares, we come to create the field for him. We do turnkey fields, that is to say that we take care of topographic surveys, we take care of clearing, felling, digging, sowing, etc. 8 to 12 months later, the plantation is in production, we call the landowner. The plantain that we put on the ground belongs to him. We buy its production” explains the communication manager.

Membership and Funding

It must first be pointed out that Sapidacam is a group. And Fogas, his cooperative, is the one that prefinances the plantations. 3 million CFA francs per hectare accessible after payment of 10,000 identification fees which put you in the database and allow the sapidacam teams to come to your land for free for the evaluation, 100,000 membership fees and 50,000 your personal contribution . Fogas SAPIDACAM offers its subscribers the possibility of paying membership fees and personal contribution by gaining market share in the production cycle, in particular clearing, felling, sowing, etc.

Fogas SAPIDACAM prefinances, is the market, buys farm gate and also provides the development of school, health and other infrastructure wherever its agropoles will be established. The company is already present across the 10 regions of Cameroon. The laying of the foundation stone for the first factory based in Atok in the EST region has already taken place. There are currently 10 sapidacam agents in each district of Cameroon sensitizing the populations

Odeline Stella ENDOM

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