saving desktops, automatic framing, accented characters, here are all the new features

Google has just deployed version 107 of its operating system, a new version that introduces several new features. Among these, the ability to save a desktop for later, or enter accented characters easily with a long press.

Chrome OS updates follow each other, but not all are the same. The latest version of Google’s desktop operating system, stamped 107, brings several new features. Good news when previous Chrome OS updates were relatively lacking in new features.

New on the desktop

Among the most notable new features, Google has introduced several changes to Chrome OS virtual desktops. First, you can now merge two virtual desktops lying side by side with one click. The option is displayed next to the closing cross of a desktop and allows to migrate all the elements opened on this one in the desktop located just next to it.

Additionally, Google is introducing a new option to save desktops for later. Concretely, this will allow you to save the state of a desktop, with its open tabs, etc. to allow you to reopen it later and find it in the state in which you left it. The option is displayed directly on the office display screen.

Auto-framing and filtering options in Files

Chrome OS 107 introduces a new auto-framing option when using the webcam. This function, similar to what Apple offers, allows you to zoom and recenter your face in the frame during your video calls. Provided your machine is compatible, this option will need to be manually enabled from the system quick settings pane.

For the rest, this update brings a new filter in Files. You can now filter recent files by categories in the Chrome OS file manager. Finally, a new function, deactivated by default, makes it easier to enter accented characters by making a long press on a letter, as exists on the virtual keyboards of smartphones. Letters and other special characters then appear in a floating bubble, just above the letter entered. However, to take advantage of it, you will have to go to the experimental functions of the browser (chrome://flags#enable-cros-diacritics-on-physical-keyboard-longpress), activate the flag dedicated and restart the browser.

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You can now check if the update is available on your machine. To do this, open the quick settings pane, and click the gear icon to open Chrome OS Settings. Then go to the About Chrome OS menu and click the Check for updates button.

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