Science Festival 2022, transmission and awareness: Pascal Coupey, territorial delegate for research and technology, guest of the morning

Like every year, the Science Festival is making a comeback in New Caledonia. The festivities begin today and will last until November 27. Pascal Coupey, territorial delegate for research and technology, tells us about the program and gives us his vision of science and the transmission of knowledge. He was the guest of the morning on Thursday, November 10.

Two weeks to raise New Caledonians’ awareness of science. Led by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the Science Festival is coordinated in New Caledonia by the Cresica (Consortium for Research, Higher Education and Innovation). “This is an event open to everyone, even the youngest from kindergarten. The interest is to bring science closer to society because there are a lot of scientific advances that have consequences on our society”, said Pascal Coupey. But what exactly are we talking about? “Science is trying to determine new knowledge and especially to acquire knowledge about what surrounds us. But above all, it’s fun”explained the territorial delegate for research and technology.

Often considered complex or abstract, the idea is therefore to promote understanding of the world around us by bringing science closer to the citizen, with the desire to make it accessible to all. “Science is above all emotions, discoveries. Personally, the first event that marked me when I was very young was the first steps on the moon. It was science that was taken in the face and which left indelible traces”.

For the 2022 edition, 35 events are planned in the three provinces, 28 of which will be offered to the general public. The theme chosen this year: “Climate awakening”. For Pascal Coupey, it is a theme “very close to society, because the observation, we can do it ourselves every day. The theme imposed itself on us given the current events between major climatic events, the rise of the oceans or the disappearance of biodiversity”.

On the program: workshops, site visits, conferences, but also experiments. The general public will notably be able to discuss with researchers and doctoral students during a speed search or even exploring the surprising relationship between climate change and linguistic practices, during an evening at the University of New Caledonia. Seven school interventions are also planned in the three provinces.

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Science Fair 2022.


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