Sex novelty: the G-spot will also be entitled to pulsed technology

Giving pleasure to women is less and less taboo. A small revolution that has been pushed by many body-positive actions, feminist currents that have deconstructed female sexuality vs male sexuality and by… new technologies. And in particular the one launched by a German couple, the Lenkes, who would make their fortune with the “Pleasure Air”. A method quickly qualified as a clitoris vacuum cleaner and which makes it possible to create a movement synonymous with intense pleasure thanks to the pulsed air. With the Womanizer, the Lovehoney group has made millions of emulators, becoming a reference on the premium sex toy market, without contact but not without sensation, far from it. And has diversified into male pleasure with ArcWave and for couples with the We-Vibe range in particular. While still releasing toys for clitoral pleasure.

A zone specific to each

But in recent years, nothing on the side of vaginal stimulation! This is what is done with OG, which is the very first stimulator with Pleasure Air technology applied to the G zone. This has long been praised or decried and even now, its existence is the subject of disagreement: myth to value again and again male penetration or real more sensitive area? At Womanizer, it is not defined as an organ or a point but as “a functional, dynamic and hormone-dependent area that is very individual in its development and ability to please itself due to several biological and psychological factors – simply put, it’s different for everyone“.

Where is it located? This is even more the question that is asked! A clinical sexologist explains that the G-spot is in an area “located on the anterior part of the vagina, about 3 cm from the entrance. It is the point of contact between the inner part of the clitoris and the wall of the vagina.“.

“A more diffuse, longer-lasting and more orgasmic pleasure according to the feedback from some 250 user tests”

OG is therefore aimed at all the curious with a curved silicone sex toy in which the famous tip that releases air in promising waves is housed, wider and deeper than those intended for the clitoris. All you have to do is insert it intuitively. And there, some could be confused by the effect of the pulsation on the area! But quickly, without doing anything, without moving or almost, the pleasure will increase… More diffuse, more lasting and more orgasmic according to the feedback from some 250 user tests.

It took four years of research, multiple prototypes and designs, and 10,000 data points to develop the Womanizer OG. We had to press a few buttons (an on/off, + and – for 12 levels of intensity and a button for choosing the type of vibration) to achieve unprecedented silicone pleasure. Which exists in aubergine, lilac or dark gray.

Double masterstroke: for users as well as for the brand, this should be the biggest success of the end of the year! And even triple since the tool can be turned over to serve as a clitoral sex toy. All this has a price: 199€.

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