She survives 12 tumors, this woman could help cure cancer

Never seen. A woman, whose identity has not been revealed, would have survived 12 tumors and could now help “cure cancer”, according to several scientists. Explanations.

She is not called “Wonder Woman” and yet she would be endowed with superpowers. A woman, whose clinical case was relayed by the Sun, would have survived 12 tumors and could now help “cure cancer”, according to several scientists. A very real story whose scenario could be taken from a science fiction film.

In her 40s, she was diagnosed with her first tumor when she was very young. Everything then fell into place. The tumors, five of which were found to be cancerous, multiplied and affected different parts of his body. Soon, scientists discovered their provenance. The patient would have inherited a specific genetic mutation from both parents.

They also observed that his immune system naturally generated a strong anti-inflammatory response capable of fighting off these tumors. According to them, understanding how it works could therefore help stimulate the immune system in other sick patients.

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An “exceptional” case

For the moment, the “exceptional” case of this woman still remains an enigma. “We still do not understand how this individual was able to develop in the embryonic stage or overcome all these pathologies”, said Professor Marcos Malumbres of Spain’s National Center for Cancer Research. In particular, he hopes, thanks to it, to be able to identify the cells of the body which could turn into tumors, well before the current clinical tests and diagnostic imaging. Discoveries that would pave the way for new treatment options in the future.

In the history of medicine, no other case of this type has ever been observed before, reminded Miguel Urioste, the co-author of a study on this subject. “Academically, we cannot speak of a new syndrome because this is the description of a single case, but biologically it is.”

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