Snow and ice: a new technology at the service of the agents responsible for road salting

This winter, agents from the Department of Essonne are ready to intervene to salt and clear the department’s roads. They are helped by new technology (© Illustration/Jean-Paul Barbier/La Presse de la Manche)

Like every year, from November to April Department of Essonne activates his winter viability device toensure safety of users circulates on the almost 1,400 kilometers of the county road network.

A connected box that transmits data in real time

This winter is 90 agents mobilized is experimenting with two new devices for real-time monitoring of salt spreaders and driving assistance to “improve the efficiency of interventions and protect the environment”, assures the department in a press release.

Four vehicles is thus equipped with a connected box to transfer real-time data about the treated areas and about the treatments used (salt dosage, speed and spreading width) to a platform.

Remotely, an agent can consult this data and, if necessary, contact the agents to adjust the current salt operation.

Agents who are able to intervene 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

“This technology therefore makes it possible to optimize the treatment of the pavements by using the salt closer to the needs and having a smaller impact on the environment”, emphasizes one of the side of society that got involved. 1.8 million euros in the 2023 budget for this winter maintenance system.

Drivers are also equipped with one Tableteasy to use, especially containing the routes to be followed and the areas to be treated or not make driving easier and improve their safety during these interventions.

With the responsibility of monitoring the condition of the roads, the road agents can intervener 24 hours a day, 7 days a weekin the event of snow or ice to make the roads passable and at the same time ensure the safety of users and the continuity of traffic on the branch network.

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Teams of agents spread over three territorial units

They are divided into teams in each of the three territorial units: Smooth for the north-eastern sector, Linas for the northwestern sector and Stamps for the southern sector.

Each team consists of one controllerof two patrol boats and D’labor officers is in turn mobilized permanently.

Each day these teams receive a local newsletter from Meteo Francewhich they cross with data from road weather stations and road conditions.

29 spreaders that can be mobilized when needed

A command post based in Evry-Courcouronnes makes it possible to centralize the various information, to know in real time the traffic conditions, the meteorological data and the treatments carried out in order to coordinate the actions in the field as well as possible.

The agents are then responsible for salting and/or clearing the roadway according to pre-defined circuits.

For this the community has 4 diffusers equipped with snow plows, but can mobilize them if necessary 25 others owned by providers.

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