So reclusive in his Swiss village, had Jean-Luc Godard been seen on Google Street View six years ago?

So, believing they recognize the silhouette of “JLG” as well as that of his wife on images taken by Google, via its Google Street View tool, Internet users saw it as an incredible stroke of luck. In a photo, isolated on social networks in 2016 and then relayed in the media, we see a couple strolling rue du Temple, in Rolle, and pass in front of a clothing store. If the blonde woman is from behind and difficult to recognize, the silhouette of the man is reminiscent of that of the Franco-Swiss director, adored by French cinema. This capture from Google’s perspective actually dates back to June 2013.

Other angles of view allow this time to distinguish the face of the man with the glasses: the resemblance with the director is striking. In another image, still visible here, we see a man, his head balding, still with a gray jacket and glasses, in the company of another in front of a bakery, on the other side of rue du Temple. If the presence of Jean-Luc Godard in the streets of Rolle at this time is likely, nothing and no one has ever proven that it was indeed him on this shot.


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