Sobeys victim of a cyberattack | The Journal of Montreal

“This morning, it farts everywhere! Nothing works anymore. Orders, warehouse, deliveries to stores, employee pay…”, says an employee.

The attack happened on Friday and affects the Sobeys across Canada. IGA and IGA Extra are the two major Sobeys banners in Quebec.

According to rumors circulating, the hackers are asking for 500 Bitcoins as a ransom, which is worth around 13.5 million Canadian dollars.

In a press release published this morning, the parent company confirms “to have been affected by a computer problem”.

“The Company’s grocery stores remain open to meet customer needs and are not facing significant disruptions at this time. However, some in-store services operate intermittently or are subject to delays. In addition, some pharmacies experience technical difficulties when filling prescriptions. However, the Company remains committed to ensuring continuity of care for all patients in its pharmacies,” reads the press release.

No online grocery at IGA

On the IGA grocer’s website, we can read that the online grocery store is currently out of service.

During a visit to the Log in an IGA on the South Shore, an employee confirmed to us that they were having trouble receiving orders. Another employee claimed things were slowing down inside and the store was getting duplicate orders, among other issues.

More details to come.

-In collaboration with Francis Halin and Julien McEvoy.

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