Solana (SOL) soars by 9% in 2 hours thanks to a Google announcement! By – The , the 10th largest cryptocurrency in the market, sharply accelerated its rise yesterday, rising from around $35.5 at around 4 p.m., then hitting a high of $38.76 around 6 p.m., an increase of more than 9% in less than 2 hours.

Note that this movement is a continuation of the rise started last Friday, when the Solana (SOL) was worth $30.6. Thus, at yesterday’s peak, the cryptocurrency was up 26.6% from Friday morning.

However, while Friday’s rise was linked to a general wave of optimism, which also benefited other cryptocurrencies and risky assets in general, yesterday’s additional gains were a direct response to an announcement from Google Cloud.

Indeed, Alphabet’s Google Cloud Service (NASDAQ:) Twitter account (NYSE:) posted a tweet directed at a Solana co-founder’s Twitter account, cryptically asking:

“Should we tell our followers the big news? »

This simple evocation of a partnership between Solana and Google immediately sent the SOL into a strong upward movement, which allows the Solana to post this Sunday morning the best performance of the Top 10 crypto.

In a subsequent tweet, Google Cloud further clarified the nature of the announcement:

“Google Cloud is running @solana block production to participate in and validate the network. »

The company also announced that Google Cloud is working with @solana to bring Blockchain Node Engine to the Solana chain next year, so it will be easy for anyone to launch a dedicated Solana node in the cloud.

Technical thresholds to monitor on the Solana

From a graphical perspective, it should be noted that the rise of the Solana yesterday allowed the cryptocurrency to break through the resistance zone of $34.50-35.20, now immediate support, as seen in the H4 chart below:

Solana H4

Yesterday’s high at around $38.70 and September 13 high at $38.9 form the first resistance to consider. Above $38.70/90, the next potential hurdle will be the psychological $40 threshold.

On the downside, a move back below $34.50 would expose next support near $31.9/$32.

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