Sonia Souid’s edifying testimony

The players’ agent condemns in a long interview with The team the president of the French Football Federation’s inappropriate behavior towards him.

The ordeal lasted four years. From 2013 to 2017, when Noël Le Graët, tired of war, stopped harassing her. Sonia Souid, 37 today and mother of two children, was at the time one of the first agents to take an interest in women’s football. A topic that led him to contact the chairman of the FFF. For a first meeting in 2013. Not in the manager’s office, but in his apartment.

He says he does it regularly, it’s more convenient for him, more familiar. I accept. (…) I was 28 at the time. He’s 72. He should have had that respect. He never looked at me as an agent, but as a piece of candy. To speak vulgarly, he looked at me as two breasts and one ass!“, she says in her long interview with the athlete.

His testimony is edifying. Arriving at the apartment, two full glasses of champagne await him. And above all, the third person who was supposed to be present, Brigitte Henriques, has reportedly canceled. Noël Le Graët does not hesitate. “You know we don’t need her. If we’re both close enough, I’ll be able to make your ideas come true…“An Introduction That Leaves the Young Woman”puzzled“. “I went and told her I wanted to join my fiancé. He let me go. Afterwards, he called me regularly to invite me to dinner.»

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“All he wants is for you to share his bed…”

Then a move begins”quite heavy“, regular reminders, but always make sure not to exceed the limit. “He is very careful. He knows how to write messages, but a little, and doesn’t say anything.» (…) «Except when I’m at his house, when he made it clear to me that he wanted me to end up in his bed. It’s quite nice.But insistent. “Between 2013 and 2017, there are four times where the president of your association flirts with you every time, asks to see you, invites you to his house, dangles things for you when all he wants is for you to share his bed. Psychologically it is very difficult. Very regularly, when he went up to Paris and he was bored, he thought of Sonia. It took a while to get tired…»

She tells about the text messages, about ten. “Are you free tomorrow night? I insist.“or”I miss you“. And above all voice messages. Including the one from 2017, which hurt Sonia Souid the most. “Sonia, I’m on my third bottle, I’ll wait for you for the fourth…“. The players’ agent to be ironic about the defense of Noël Le Graët, who claims that he did not know how to write an SMS, “that he challenged someone to find something on his account“. A cynicism that pushed her to finally speak.

“He’s the king and the Federation his kingdom. He’s not afraid of anything or anyone. He thinks he’s untouchable.”

I felt him so comfortable, sure of himself. So the king… He is the king and the Federation is his kingdom. He does not reflect in his progress. He is not afraid of anything or anyone. He thinks he is untouchable. It definitely is.She hopes her testimony will put an end to this sense of impunity. Encourage to”other affected women to testify openly“.


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