Speedometer 3: Apple, Google and Mozilla team up to develop benchmark

Speedometer 3 benchmark is in preparation with work from Apple (WebKit), Google and Mozilla. The first two already know each other since they collaborated on version 2. Now the group behind Firefox has been added to the list for the next version.

Speedometer 3 in preparation

Speedometer 2.1 is the latest stable release with 1.0 released in 2014 and a major update (2.0) in 2018. The benchmark attempts to “capture the real world as much as possible” by simulating a user “add, complete and delete tasks using several examples”. For Speedometer 3, Apple, Google and Mozilla collaborate with a “common governance model to share the work”. The goal is to “build a common understanding of web performance to help improve browser performance in ways that help users”.

All three groups sent out tweets announcing the news. At Apple (WebKit) we say to ourselves “glad” to work with Google and Mozilla. “Working together will help us improve the benchmark and improve browser performance for our users”.

Google on its side talk of one “significant cooperation” to include “representative modern workloads, such as JavaScript frameworks”.

Finally Mozilla appreciated that he “time to update [Speedometer] to test users’ real journeys in today’s online life”. The group also believes that cooperation is remarkable for an overall improvement that benefits everyone.

Speedometer 3 is under active development and more information will be available in a few months. Until then, you can follow the development on GitHub.

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